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E-40 - "Undastandz Me" video
E-40 - Undastandz Me lyrics
My nigga I don't want no handouts I'm a get my shit regardless
My network and the relationship game is flawless
Grandma stop nobody knows I'm all over the place with my flows
I was fucking around with the coca cluck gang for years but now I'm celibate
People always ask me '40 how you stay current and relevant? '
I'm come from leather most of these cats have come from polyester
I'm hard as a brick most of these suckers soft like feathers
Try'na knock me a chick tender better break her for her cheddar
I'm keep it all the way here I been living in my third childhood lately
Smoking alot of spinach lately, hanging out at the street club lately
I used to give niggas pay-up prices and jugs for the bidness
But now I be giving em discounts for hooks and verse licks
I like bitches with cellulite, I don't like em too lean
I like em thick and hip like UCLA softball team
But I'm cooed either or fat or pateete
Cause I ain't goin lie skinny pussy be deep
Been stooping the package and throw the Trojan out and smash it
Stretching this noochie out just like elastic (elastic?)
Give it to her slow like a snail or real fast like a rabbit
In the Bay Area falconine is a habit (undastand me)

Ya undastandz me
Undastand me
Ya undastandz me
Undastand me
Ya undastandz me
Undastand me
Ya undastandz me
Undastand me

You got a zip? I got a zip, you need a zip? yep
You got a brick? I got a brick, you need a brick? Nope
This what the little homie ask me he was broke
He said he needed a credit line
I told that nigga 'ain't nobody giving out no lines no number no loans'
Everybody giving up zone no chickens no bones'
Says his moms about to lose her home his sister on dialysis
His older brother done called the body his younger brother on Kaddafi
His daddy in for armed robbery...
His aunty in for bad checks credit cards and money laundry
It's cause his fish so he thinks he needs protection
Not only that but his broad hollering pregnant
Quiet as kept she been doing alot of sexing
Getting it in with the nigga best friend
So I fished him in the mix
Within a month in a half six weeks or so he was up to thirty-six
Thirty-six zips a poe equals a brick we call it kicks
In the bay, it's a fool, it's a trip, why stay, they don't play, it ain't cool

Ya undastandz me
Undastand me
Ya undastandz me
Undastand me
Ya undastandz me
Undastand me
Ya undastandz me
Undastand me

I'm a street nigga walk with my head up stick out my chest
I don't fly private jets I fly Southwest
And you will never catch me wearing a fucking wire (a wire)
Cause how ya get'cha head deflated like a tire (a tire)
I don't be gossiping and running off at the limb and name droppin'
I be hustlin in the traffic rubbing shoulders at hall knobing
Getting dusty and gallop backs, politicing and moon walking
Desert eagle hole slick talking verify fixture from the V
Soil celebrity heavy, so don't be fucking with me
I'm having my feddi born ready ever since I came out the coochie
I was a nosey little mustache infacturated with cash
Try'na get some ass fast, finger fucking bralls in class
I get dressed at the mall brand new kicks and fits
Where you be buying ya hats from? Man I buy em from Lids
I went to shit but I ain't whippin no sucka shit at all
Y'all some fake time I'm on some real time like Bill Moore (undastand me)

Ya undastandz me
Undastand me
Ya undastandz me
Undastand me
Ya undastandz me
Undastand me
Ya undastandz me
Undastand me


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