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FILTER - "(Can't You) Trip Like I Do" (feat. Crystal Method) video
FILTER - (Can't You) Trip Like I Do lyrics
I've got the understanding of a four year old
I've got the piece of mind of a killer's soul
I've got the rationale of a New York cop
I've got the patience of a chopping block

I've got the accumen of a seasoned pro
I've got the legacy of a billion souls
I've got the world down my back, but I don't seem to care
I've got the comprehension of a world unaware

Can't you trip like I do?

Laid out on my back, I can't sleep 'cause I'm slumming
Eyes in my teeth, I can't see 'cause I'm eating
Head full of noise, I can't think 'cause it's crushing
Back on my feet, like a freight train I'm cumming


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