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LIL CHUCKEE - "Break Thru" (feat. Mack Maine) video
LIL CHUCKEE - Break Thru lyrics
Yeah, come from the ghetto where money is more important then the life of ya mother and ya father
Or ya brother cause these day bullets travel in packs & you can get caught in it.
Now you the victim, or the suspect. The judge gave you time you headed straight to prison.
All because you won't let ya child starve, didn't wanna work but wanna take somebody else stuff.
Gas bill, phone bill, electricity, water bill, the heat to keep you cozy.
You try to keep up {uhh} with the Jones, but you getting letters in the door saying you gotta move.
Dang, and homie that's soon, no gas in the car how you s'pose to get around?
You feeling like you can't make it cause every house you build there's an earthquake to shake it.
When you got money there's friends that wanna just take take take no give, but when it's all gone they run to they home. Don't call you but they wanna talk when the rain pours.
Dang, but I ain't taking it no more, you stopping my blessing get from round me home boy.
Not just ya friends, it's in ya family too. Thinking just cause you got it they bouta get some too.
{Uhhh uhhh} - Where you was when I needed help, to get off the ground I had to do it myself. So what makes you think you can get some of this? You gets none of that, you are dismissed home boy fall back.
This is my lane, you got competition you can beat them trust me.
I'm at the finish line, my trail was dusty but all because of God I made it through everything.
But it ain't over, naah it ain't over. I'm marching to the top and to the top is where I'm going. This is for whoever understand what you going through. Been grinding so long I need a break thru, here come the break thru.
And this message is strictly for the people who grinding, struggling, hustling, in a good way, positivity, I hold all yal down to the fullest. I feel ya'll pain.
[Talks] And to the people who wanna be where they wanna be at, chase ya dreams and stay focused. MACKKKKKKK -

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