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OK GO - "A Million Ways" video
OK GO - A Million Ways lyrics
Sit back, matter of fact, teasing, toying, turning, chatting, charming, hissing, playing the crowd.
Play that song again, another couple Klonopin, a nod, a glance, a half-hearted bow.
Oh such grace, oh such beauty, and lipstick and callous and fishnets and malice.
Oh Darling, you're a million ways to be cruel.
I should, I wish I could, maybe if you were, I would, a list of standard-issue regrets.
One last 80 proof, slouching in the corner booth.
Baby, it's as good as it gets.
Oh such grace, oh such beauty. So precious, suspicious, and charming, and vicious.
Oh darling, you're a million ways to be cruel.

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