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R KELLY - "Slow Wind" video
R KELLY - Slow Wind lyrics
[Verse 1]
Girl I want to be alone with you
Just To See what you can do
Ow you'r dancin' all over me
Baby this is like some kind of fantasy
The way you move your teasing girl
So tonight I want you in my world

There you go again girl on my mind
See you in my dreams all the time
Ew baby girl your so fine
Standing in front of me

Now will you wind for me
Slow wind for me
Will you wind for me
Slow wind for me
Will you wind for me
Slow wind for me
Will you wind for me
Slow wind for me

[Verse 2]
Girl, the time has come
To show and prove
I've seen enough I wanna feel the truth
Put your voodo on me babe
Kiss my lips
And curse me babe
Show me how you do your magic babe
Lead me to your secret jungle babe


[Bridge 2]
Your a jamaican queen
I'm an american king
[repeat x4]

[Verse 3]
Let's get together
And make sweet love ye
Let's get together
And mix cultures
Let's get together
And change the world ye
Wind for me jamiacan girl

[fade out]

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